how to create the healthiest of blondes by Suzie McGill


Artistic director at Rainbow Room International, Suzie McGill tells us her tips and tricks for creating the healthiest of blondes.

Blondes are always on-trend, however, clients are now more than ever looking for ways that they can achieve a blonde that’s far more superior to just being clean or creamy. Now, clients are looking to achieve a blonde that exudes health, which can be hard to achieve without using certain techniques, services and treatments. Below I identify my tips on achieving the healthiest of blondes in the salon and ensuring your client leaves the salon delighted with their new blonde and with satisfied that you are a true blonde colour expert.



A bonding service like Schwarzkopf Fibreplex is a must when trying to achieve a healthy-looking blonde. As this repairs and strengthens the hair during the colour process, this will avoid more damage being done to the hair. It will also balance the pH level, locking in colour pigments and resulting in the hair having a superior quality with shine and the colour being more long-lasting. Stylists can also recommend at-home Fibreplex products to clients to keep their blonde free from damage at home and to keep the hair feeling and looking strong and shiny.



A toner should be recommended to blonde hair clients after bleaching services, in particular, to help not only to personalise the colour for the client but to ensure the colour is even and to give it enhanced shine. I always love to use pearlescent/opulent shades on my blondes to give them a more luxe feel and to allow them to look expensive.


A block colour blonde, achieved just by bleaching, can look a bit dull, however, by combining these techniques you can add depth and movement to the client’s hair, as well as shine, whilst also creating a more natural appearance than many blonde hair clients are looking for these days.



You may have some clients who solely book in for a colour service at the salon. Always try to suggest to these clients that they should have a haircut. This removes split ends and breakage after the colouring process and enhances the finish of the colour by allowing the hair to look a lot healthier and silky soft to look at and touch. Whether it’s just a trim or a full restyle, this will work wonders to enhance the finish of the colour. If your client is having highlights and/or lowlights or babylights, adding some layers is a great way to show these off and create more movement in the hair. A blunt cut paired with sleek, straight styling is beautiful when paired with a creamy, warm or opulent blonde to show off the vibrancy of the colours.


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