Ethos hairdressing

Mastercraftsfolk in both hairdressing and colouring, we’re very respectful of the work from Sharon Peake and Adam Bryant at Ethos salon group in Manchester. They are award-winners with a suitably award-winning team, and know a thing or two about colour. We asked them a couple of pertinent questions… :
Q: What is your vision of client services for colourists today? “
Hair colouring techniques have become more evolved and more individual. Because of this, we have found that we need to allow extra time for consultations and this could happen every time a regular client comes in. We are keen on the use visuals, using iPads, phones etc, which we find really helpful to understand what clients are getting at. Though clients are a lot more informed these days due to content on the internet, they sometimes have unrealistic expectations, so a more in-depth discussion is necessary.”
Q: Where do you think we need to improve our service to colour clients for 2018?
We need to give our clients more options – the regular colour service menu isn’t extensive enough. At Ethos, we’re finding more clients need a bespoke colour service which means we need to be more open with our appointment times. Though we love the idea that a lot of our clients want their stylist to do all of their services, we feel at times that it is more applicable to suggest a high-level stylist to do the more complicated colour work, and more simple work can be carried out by a lower level stylist. Because of this, we often suggest that clients come for a consultation prior to their appointment as pre-planning is key to achieve their perfect bespoke colour.”


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