Autumn trends with Heffy Wheeler

Summer is nearly over… We’ve enjoyed the sunflower yellows and neon trends this summer but as we move into autumn are the hair trends changing? 

Pulp Riot Artist Heffy Wheeler keeps us posted and apparently we’re staying vivid! 

She says “The best thing about vivids is pretty much anything goes; for a more subtle look, a lived-in blonde can be easily transformed when toned with the amazing Pulp Riot High Speed Toners. I love the Rose Gold to give it the perfect pop of soft pink, or a full scalp bleach followed by an eye-popping rainbow to really make a statement! Reverse ombre is proving to be popular too for Autumn, with a bright root blending into darker ends. When caring for brights, a sulphate-free shampoo is a must, while a cool water rinse is also essential for ensuring longevity of vivid colours – and this feels great on a hot day!”

Here are the best tips for working with brights this autumn: 

  1. Learn the rules before you break them – vivid colouring is so different from commercial colouring so new rules apply. For example, if the base is not light enough or the undertones are too strong, it can affect the end result dramatically. 
  2. You are the artist, when creating brights we truly have creative freedom. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, try something new and experiment; this is when the best things happen! 
  3. Do your research! There is a world of inspiration out there, the tag #hairtrends22 has a whopping 48 million views on tiktok, showing you the volume of content that is available to us. Find inspiration through social media.

We love staying on top of the trends and helping you with it too. 

To find out even more about colouring those brights this Autumn, Pulp Riot offers free FaceTime education. This is a great way to perfect your knowledge before you dive in.

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