The Uberliss Bond Treatment

The use of products that promote rebonding for coloured hair has exploded in recent years with industry and consumer awareness of the value. One name to land in the UK market – which we’ve been waiting for with great anticipation, is Uberliss. Now you can ensure your client’s coloured hair remains healthy with The Uberliss Bond Treatment. Uberliss bonding system

Why so exciting? The Uberliss Bond Treatment improves hair elasticity during bleaching, colouring and other chemical services without increasing developer or processing time. Ideal for your clients who love experimenting with colour! And the flexible system can be used with many salon services and as a stand-alone treatment. Plus there’s a retail option, too.Uberliss Bonding System

Uberliss explained

The treatment is a three-step process that consists of the following:

  •       Uberliss Bond Regenerator

Uberliss bonding system

  •       Uberliss Bond Shampoo

Uberliss bonding system

  •       Uberliss Bond Amplifier

Uberliss bonding system

Use the Uberliss Bond System with standard lighteners to increase hair elasticity by 121% and create cross-links to generate new bonds in damaged hair fibres. Coloured hair needs extra care to protect against damage caused by chemicals. 

“Each product in the system is crucial to Bond Building. The system contains a nano-emulsion and nano-lipids. It creates covalent bonds with polypeptide chains,” says Founder and Chief Chemist Dr Ali Syed.

  • Step 1: The Bond Regenerator uses Uberliss’ patented nano-emulsion that repairs broken hair bonds. (Great Britain and French Patent No. EP 3402575)
  • Step 2: The sulphate-free Bond Shampoo preps the hair to lock in the results. Other sulphate-free shampoos may erase the colour protection benefits.
  • Step 3: The Bond Amplifier reinforces the new bonds after bleach or colour is rinsed out. It also reduces hair porosity and eliminates combing damage.

Retail Opportunity

Recommend The Uberliss Bond Sustainer to clients after colour treatments to ensure hair remains healthy and protected. Uberliss formulated The Bond Sustainer with the patented Bond Regenerator technology and a moisturising coconut oil and aloe complex. This product is available in a range of temporary shades, including Lilac, Platinum Jasmine, and Red Flame, allowing clients to experiment with colour.

Also available is the Uberliss Bond Healing Spray, offering all the benefits of a bond builder on the go. This take-home treatment features patented Bond Regenerator, Betaine, Vitamin E, and Ceramide. It strengthens, moisturises, and hydrates all hair types. This system uses nano-emulsion technology to penetrate the hair. Ensure clients hair remains healthy and protected despite colour and chemical treatments- they will thank you for it!



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