L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2019 is a wow!

It’s official … in its 64th year this competition needed to pull out all the stops, and it did – we confirm, the L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2019 is a wow!


Honestly, the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final in the UK is one of our favourite colour-focussed nights of the year. The brand lays on a brilliant evening of entertainment that includes the exciting final of the annual UK L’Oréal Colour Trophy competition (including finalists from regional heats as well as several specialist categories), and a series of shows from the most gifted hairdressers and colourists in the UK. Last night at the Battersea Evolution Centre, central London, for the 64th edition of the #LCT19 was no exception. We loved it.


With three fantastic headline names in the colour world, we were thrilled by the evening’s live shows of colour models brought together in theme ‘Kaleidoscopic Colour’. First up, Tim Hartley delivered a high-octane, rock n’roll vision of ‘multi-coloured’ infinity with a blatant nod to the dance scene – the energy and vibrancy of his colour models was unabashed and celebratory. Bravo to the master showman. For Saks, Luke Pluckrose deconstructed the kaleidoscope to bring geometric patterns, silhouettes and plays on light that were mesmerising! We likey liked indeed. Then to spiral our imaginations further, Johanna Cree Brown at Trevor Sorbie focussed on ‘Prisms of Light’. Joyful, clever, and pretty… here was the wonder of colour and light on a fabulous stage and we appreciated it 100%.


And so to the real purpose of the night. Sinead Kelly, London took the top prize with a stunning red/rose colour on a totally ‘now’ model that is commercial in appearance yet technically challenging. Linton & Mac, Aberdeen were a close second in our view, with The Colour Room, Stockport taking a valuable third place. All great choices.

The Men’s Image Award was taken by Trevor Sorbie, London. The STAR Award given to Christopher Main at Andrew Mulvenna Hair, Belfast. and the Afro Look Award taken by our favourite (truly, we are so inspired by it) Errol Douglas Salon, London.

The 2019 winners will now embark on a year filled with amazing projects including a creative photo-shoot with an online or digital title and a host of invaluable support and opportunities along the way.

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