Hairdressing as an international art

Hairdressing is an art. An art that is shared across the globe… and it’s amazing to see hairdressers expanding one anothers skill sets on an international level. 

Seung Ki Baek works for Rush as a salon stylist, educator and a member of the RUSH Artistic Team. Baek, who is natively South Korean, moved to London to pursue his hairdressing career. Nevertheless, he regularly travels home to do what he is most passionate about ie hairdressing and educating! 

Recently, Baek was invited over to deliver educational seminars to South Korea’s next generation of hairdressers whilst undertaking judging for a national competition. With the UK and South Korea varying in their technique and approach, this was a great opportunity for him to share his UK-gained knowledge with his Korean colleagues – great work! 

Throughout the educational seminars, Baek focussed on the cut and colour placement for each look, explaining the reasoning behind each and why this played a vital part in the outcome and overall hair vision. 

Adding another educational session into the mix, Baek also focussed on session styling. He shared his experience with London Fashion Week and proceeded to showcase a few ‘session looks’ such as the power ponytail and the use of extensions. He took the students through the thought process behind the looks, adding a consumer spin on each to allow them to translate into salon trends.

Alongside his time spent educating in South Korea, Baek judged the Milbon DA Inspire Competition. He evaluated the cut, colour and styling techniques, giving feedback and choosing his top looks to make it through to the finals. A great prompt to gather inspiration from his home country as well as see the talent of the next generation! 

We love to see stories like this, I hope this inspires you to continue sharing your passion, locally, nationally or even internationally.

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