‘Empower your salon’ guide by Revlon

Things won’t be the same when lockdown is over. All salons will need to adjust and make changes in order to avoid further spread and damage and protect us all. Revlon Professional has released a post-lockdown salon guide,‘Empower your salon’, in order to help salons prepare for reopening.

‘Empower your salon’ is a document containing a series of recommendations regarding hygiene, information and organisation that should be followed in the every-day activity of hair salons wherever possible. It has been prepared based on public information shared by WHO.

Note that the document is a reference guide the contents of which are subject to the procedures established by the appropriate Health Authorities in each country, which all professionals should consult and follow as their official recommendations. Each hair salon should implement this protocol bearing in mind its own characteristics and, more specifically, its size, its organisation, its environment,and its location.

What’s included

The guide contains all the recommendations you need to empower your salon, empower your staff, empower your clients and empower your business. It’s easy to read and understand the importance of adapting not just your space but adjusting your mentality as a professional, as well. It features salon maps and diagrams to further help you.

All the details like reception areas, tools, toilets, bar stations, cleaning procedures, distances, retail area etc are included. Plus how to train your staff regarding masks, uniforms, appointments, client greetings, disinfecting procedures. Clients need to feel safe too, so, it’s important to know how to communicate with them before the appointment, how to collect and protect their belongings during the service, keep them safe, let them know what they can and can’t do before the meeting. Finally, business wise, salons may have to adapt their price list to the new scenario, push retail in advance to have the product ready when the client arrives and many other things that you will find in the guide.

We urge you not to take preparation and organisation lightly, as it may take longer than you thought to adjust. It’s good to stay as informed as you can and start planning as soon as possible. You can download the ‘Empower your salon’ guide HERE.


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