The Riot Girl Collection by Megan Panozzo is here to give us the inspiration and those ‘be strong’ vibes we are craving! A dose of empowerment, optimism and colour, because we all need it right now…


With Riot Girl, the finalist of 2020 AHFAs SA/NT Hairdresser of the Year category ( and winner of the award in 2019) is paying homage to all the fierce women who don’t settle down to society’s rules. The ones who have inspired her and the ones she always looked up to.

‘My collection is called Riot Girl. It’s an ode to all the women I’ve always wanted to be. When I was little, I wanted to be a punk when I grew up and strong punk images have been my motivation. Now, I wanted to create something that baby punks can look up t! It is inspired by all of the women that I admired and have emulated throughout my life. Women like Annie Lennox, Cindy Lauper and bands like Bikini Kill and L7 that inspired so many young women to be the feminists that they wanted to be”, Megan says.


riot girl
Hair: Megan Panozzo * Photography: Alyssa Blake/ Neon Theory * Photograghy Assistant: Zezette Lindqvist * Makeup: Jessica Bailey & Emily Mcwilliam * Styling: Sophia Malmia

”It is no longer about women burning their bras and trying to get equality. It is about being unapologetically ourselves and living our lives the way we choose, not the way we were told. The music is fierce and loud. Punk rock was no longer just for men, a movement was born and we have rocked it and continued to be the bad asses we were born to be! I’m proud to be a riot girl and encourage young women to do the same.”

We couldn’t agree more, Megan, you rock, girl!

riot girl


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