pure shores with Aveda

Aveda, the vegan, haircare brand with a mission to care for the world, partnered with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to host a beach clean in Brighton, kicking off the brand’s initiatives for Earth Month 2022.

Since 1999, when the brand’s annual Earth Month campaign was first launched, Aveda has made a significant impact, raising nearly $67 million for environmental causes around the world. At Aveda, Earth Month is not a trend—it’s a celebration of its guiding principles and mission. It’s also a time that Aveda encourages its community to join the brand’s sustainability efforts to better the planet.

Led by Aveda’s UK Trade Sustainability Ambassador, Gina Conway, a team of 41 Aveda salon network representatives met at Brighton Beach on the 21st March, to help support the fight against marine litter in the UK. Marine Conservation Society is the leading UK charity dedicated to protecting the country’s seas, shores and wildlife. As part of the beach clean, the MCS also conducted a ‘litter timeline’ with the team from Aveda, demonstrating how long litter found in the marine environment takes to break down.

On the day, Aveda collected 65kg of litter and rubbish from Brighton Beach, with just over 70% being plastic and polystyrene. Gina Conway commented, “This was a really important day for Aveda salons to be part of and I’m pleased that we were able to support The Marine Conservation Society’s efforts to keep our sea and shores clean. “We were all shocked by the amount of litter we collected from the beach and absolutely horrified at how long some waste takes to break down. Aveda has always prioritised sustainability and is committed to supporting initiatives that help the planet, and so it was a truly inspirational and educational day for us all.”

Alongside the beach clean, this Earth Month, the brand is continuing the support of its non-profit charity partner, charity: and seeks to provide clean water to more than 1.4 million people and protecting approximately 2,000 watersheds. Together, with charity: water, Aveda focuses on providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to people in need in its sourcing countries of India, Nepal and Madagascar during Earth Month 2022 and beyond.

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