Infringe magazine is #colourtastic

INFRINGE magazine an anthropology of hairCreative colourists and stylists need inspiration and one source we can highly recommend is Infringe magazine – an anthology of hair. More than a magazine – rather a look book with a splendid supporting website, Infringe is conceived by the creative force of Mr Anthony and Mrs Pat Mascolo. Their eye, their passion and curiosity for cultural references, will challenge your perception, fire up your imagination and entertain you, we promise!

Infringe magazine is #colourtastic

The first glimpse of Infringe came when it was launched a year ago, in June 2017. This inaugural edition of the Infringe brand certainly captured the attention of the hairdressing world. The coffee table volume – weighty indeed – was aimed at anyone with a passion for hair, exploring creative disciplines, hair as an art form and the impact of hair on culture, photography and fashion. With a website of the same name to extend the story, Infringe quickly became intriguing. The list of contributors was compelling in gravitas and exciting.

The second edition was released in April this year (we can quite see why so long between publications – there is a fierce amount of work involved), and is equally absorbing. Available from selected outlets worldwide and you can discover more by clicking HERE:

The latest instalment presents interviews, editorials, artworks and photo-essays, with some truly incredible contributors on board. You’ll find conversations with hair creatives including industry legend Trevor Sorbie and New York hair artist Bob Recine, as well as many of today’s rising stars in the industry, including salon owners, colourists, barbers and session workers. There’s also an interview with designer Sanne Visser, who creates cutting edge products out of discarded hair, and anthropologist Emma Tarlo, whose latest book delves into the fascinating, mostly hidden,world of the human hair trade.

INFRINGE magazine an anthropology of hairIn pursuit of interesting content, the Infringe editorial team have travelled extensively to capture stories, the highlight being a visit to Tokyo, where they observed and documented some fascinating hair rituals.
In a statement commenting on the Infringe phenomenon, Anthony and Pat said:When we launched our first printed issue of Infringe in 2017, we were so excited to share our ongoing exploration of the vast world of hair culture and creativity. Issue 1 was absolutely packed full of stories focusing on the fringes of our industry, and dug into the lesser-seen elements of the hair world. At the back of our minds we had a niggling worry – would we run out of hair stories to tell? Far from it – we’ve been completely overwhelmed with the wonderful response to the first issue, and the many, many people who have got in touch from all over the world since its release, to share their own hair stories. If anything, it’s made us realise that when it comes to the world of hair, we’ve barely even scratched the surface. It was with this in mind that we set off to start Issue 2.”