how to create the perfect yellow for summer

This is a public service announcement! Now that the clocks have gone back, we can officially say it’s the start of British Summertime! It may have been the longest winter ever (and still pretty cold outside, if we’re completely honest), but you can’t argue with facts. This is why we think it’s the perfect time to start creating some stunning yellow hair hues. Why yellow?

For a start, it’s the colour of the sun – and everyone loves the sun! Pulp Riot Artist Jaymz Marsters adds, “Yellow is a happy, warm colour and is super attention-grabbing in really small amounts, so imagine how happy it can make you feel in larger quantities!”

Here are Jaymz’s tips on creating your happiest yellow yet:

  1. Decide if you want warmer, golden yellow hues or cooler fluorescent tones. Get creative and check out the palette in the Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colour range.
  2. For warmer tones, keep your lightened hair raw in tone to help support the yellow pigment. A toned ‘ash’ base will help create florescent shades with a cool green-toned background for cooler yellows. These bright and impactful colours work great on their own as small hidden sections within the hair, as they make a big statement without a lot of work being put into it.
  3. Make sure you’re working on lightened hair and that your canvas is even. Yellow is a ‘light’ colour, so it will show and enhance any banding on the hair. Don’t lose yellow within a multi-coloured look. When teamed up with other vivid colours, you need to overcompensate and increase the size of your yellow sections, or they will get lost within the whole look.
  4. Show your client yellow hair images before you start the process so you can show them that they won’t look ‘raw bleach yellow’ and customise your formulas with your client so you can mutually agree on the best shade of yellow for them.


“The perfect yellow hair hue doesn’t exist”,… said no hairdresser ever.

Goodbye winter locks, hello summertime happiness!

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