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We love to see another one look inspired by the Pantone Colours of the Year 2021 that we recently wrote about: PANTONE 17 5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13 0647 Illuminating Yellow.

This look is made of a haircut by Cos Sakkas and a colour by Jo O’Neill and it’s a great example of this striking Pantone combo. It’s the perfect SS21 look!

Fancy creating it? Here are the steps!

Steps – by Jo O’Neill

Panelling is an internal detail that moves away from the surface colour application which was on-trend last year. This latest panelling technique focuses on internal strengths of tone creating a prominent distribution of colour where needed.

International technical education director, Jo O’Neill says: “A mixture of grey hues and pops of yellow to grab our attention, the colour palette gives platinum blonds a mixture of on-trend tones Grey with a playful juxtaposing pop of colour, Yellow.”

1. A large rectangle section is taken on top of the head using horizontal partings on either side from high recession to meet the radial. The sides are then sub-divided with a horizontal parting on either side to create two more rectangle sections. This parting is then continued through to the back of the head on either side creating two more sections. The first section is colour blocked with the colour Silver. Once complete, isolate with clear meche and repeat this application on the opposite side.

2. A shadow root technique is applied in Masonry Grey. Firstly, applying to all the root area. Once completed the colour Silver is applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate each section with clear meche and repeat application on opposite side.

3. The section at the side is colour blocked with Silver. This is then isolated with clear meche. The next section, shadow root is applied using colour Masonry Grey. A panel of interior contouring is worked by applying the colour Yellow directly underneath the Masonry Grey with no diffusion. The application of Silver is applied to the ends of the hair, repeat this application on the final side. Masonry Grey is applied to the root and Silver to the length and ends.

4. The section at the side is colour blocked with Silver. This is then isolated with clear meche. Shadow roots is applied with Masonry Grey all throughout the remaining section, Silver is applied through the mid-lengths and a panel of perimeter contouring is applied in Yellow. Repeat this method of application until this section is complete. Isolate with clear meche.

5. To create a panel, a diagonal back parting is taken from the hairline. Shadow roots of Masonry Grey is applied and the colour Yellow applied to the mid-lengths and ends. Isolate with a clear meche. 

6. In the remaining section, apply shadow root in the colour Masonry Grey and the colour Silver through to the lengths and ends. Isolating each section with clear meche. 



20g Platinum Plus + 60g Platinum Nutri Developer 20 volume

Masonry Grey

50g Dialight 7.12 + 75g Diactivateur 9 volume


50g Dialight 9.11 + 75g Diactivateur 9 volume


10g Dialight 9.3 + 10g Dialight Clear + 30g Diactivateur 9 volume


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