The countdown to summer is officially on- thank goodness! And, nothing says summer quite like beautiful pops of vivid colour! Why not add some flare to your client’s hair and get inspired by Lydia Wolfe’s temporary dazzling colour ideas. Clean and straightforward ideas that you won’t need to book an extra appointment time to upgrade a bleach blonde client. 


  1. Make sure your client’s regrowth isn’t too long, and the integrity of the hair is in good condition. If either of these things isn’t the case, you’re looking at a longer, more technical service.  Applying direct dyes to compromised hair can give a patchy, unpredictable result that may draw attention to poor condition instead of improving its appearance. Which after all, is always the aim of the game.   
  2. Use a low developer with your bleach – for natural hair above a base 7. I tend to use 3% and below a 7 6%, I never go higher. This is so I can let it develop for longer resulting in a cleaner lift whilst ensuring the hair is as healthy as it can be. I also always use a bond multiplier for extra protection with a bleach retouch – we use Olaplex.
  3. That longer development time will allow you timing for your fun little vivid twist. I tend to develop my bleach retouches for 50 minutes or so on average (depending on how well the hair lifts) and in the salon, the vivid Goldwell Elumen Play range recommends a 30 minute development time which gives me 20 minutes to play with application.       
  4. Use the already pre-lightened hair away from the root as your canvas – a dip-dye is a great one for this. Be careful to choose a technique that won’t require much disturbance of the root area, if you’re moving the hair around too much the bleach could bleed or overlap when you don’t want it to.
  5. Rinse and tone. If you want to keep your vivid placement vibrant, only tone the newly bleached root area  (if it even needs toning at all) or if you think your placement would look good with a silverized sheen, tone the whole lot!

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