Chaulk Mentor

Whether you’re a busy salon owner, an eager-to-learn apprentice or an industry newcomer, we’ve got some exciting news: A cutting-edge (excuse the pun!) education programme created by Chaulk, a brand-neutral colour education company.

Meet your new hair tutor

Chaulk Mentor

Founders and colour experts Sarah Spiers and Lianne Storer (pictured above) have launched Chaulk Mentor – a year-long package of varied and exciting modules. The girls hope to fill in any entry-level educational gaps within the industry, and give our up-and-coming stars the best possible start (and a big fat boost of confidence while they’re at it).

Chaulk Mentor is…

The course adapts to modern day needs and trends: “The way we educate and the way we are educated has had to change with the times,” Sarah told us. “We are streamlining a new approach to education, using tools such as Tik Tok to stimulate the senses and relatable video content to excite our members.” The package also includes support from social media advisors, guest speakers in the industry, life coaches and mental health workers and yes, budding science geeks with a thirst for more knowledge – we see you – there is also a strong focus on science. “We want our members to have a greater knowledge of the material we work on every day and we want the science to be at the forefront of everything,” added Sarah.

We love that it’s a one-programme-fits-all; apprentices, new or old, will be able to do it alongside their NVQ; anyone joining the industry later in life learns the tools to gain the knowledge and confidence they need for their new chapter; and busy salon owners who care about their apprentices but don’t have the time to invest in training, will be able to offer the support they need to grow. Chaulk Mentor may just be the answer to all your hair-training needs.


Chaulk Mentor

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