Carolyn Newman

An alumni of the Charles Worthington group. Carolyn Newman is a renowned colourist with masses of experience in working a busy, high-end salon as well as training a crack team to cope with the flourishing colour market. Today she is a freelance consultant with a strong following for her straight-forward, high-performance take on working colour to best effect. We asked her how salons can drive their colour business in 2018:
“Our Industry now moves at an incredible fast pace through trends promoted by everyone from the fashion and beauty press to the internet and social media. I personally believe as much as I find it very inspiring and exciting to see this, it can make hairdressers worry they cannot deliver or feel they are not good enough to create what their client wants. This for me can be dangerous as we have such highly-talented hairdressers everywhere; we need to remember our colour basics and key communication skills and keep attending education courses. Delivering a concise and clear consultation based on your client will be more important than ever. For 2018 appointments will be designed around bespoke or personalised colour services, as opposed to booking in for a particular service aka full head tint. This opens it up for both client and hairdresser, and addressing this the colourist will deliver whatever technique is correct to achieve the desired look to suit their client’s hair, skin tone and style. Making it different for every client which makes an exciting day and column.” Carolyn Newman, Colour and Education Consultancy