Alan Simpson @ Contemporary Hairdressing

Alan Simpson is co-owner of Contemporary Hairdressing group in the NorthEast, comprising salons and an academy. We asked him what needs to change to ramp up salons’ colour businesses?

” I really think colourists and stylists need to make a bespoke colour for every client, with hair colour that complements the hairstyle and the client’s own natural skin tone.  Spending the time in consultation is imperative to really assess the hair and listen, yes really listen, to our clients, then deliver the colourists expert advice on the colour application that’s right for them.  Creating bespoke colouring is great for business as it  can’t be replicated easily by a different salon, or trying to do their hair at home.

“We never just pick one colour, but believe in always using different tones to create your bespoke colouring. Consider contouring with your application  and explaining to your client why your applying the colour in this way, then your clients can see how you understand colour and respect you as a professional.”

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