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#Throwinthetowel in Scrummi

Staffing problems and soaring energy bills could be about to reduce your laundry love into a sorry affair. That constant turn-on is about to cost you a small fortune.
Bin your washing machine and you’ll save hundreds of hours and thousands of £££’s .

Scrummi were born in 2010, a revolutionary hairdressing towel that brings 3 defining attributes: They compost in 100 days, they’re 10 times more absorbent than cotton and 100% hygienic. Everything they do (and we mean everything!) Is driven by two words: sustainability and ethics. By removing the laundry process from your salon, you’ll save time and money. No more chemically contaminated water down the drain and drastically reduced energy bills. Switch to Scrummi towels and join thousands of salons that have revolutionised their business.

 Did you know that in the UK there are approximately 45,000 hair salons and barbers?Most of them still use and launder cotton or synthetic towels. These towels are all being washed and dried with washing machines and tumble dryers which need lots of water, energy and chemicals to do their job.

An average salon will launder 200 towels per week. That means that in the UK alone the hairdressing industry is flushing away a staggering 42 MILLION litres of chemically contaminated water each week!

Man-made global warming, our impact on the world’s limited resources and rising sea levels concern us all. The United Nations IPCC has warned us about the impact of burning fossil fuels and its contribution towards man-made global warming since the 1990s.

Even if we’re cautious with our estimates, the amount of CO2 released into our Earth’s atmosphere by UK hairdressing salons alone is well in excess of 15 Million Kg per year. It’s not just our energy and water consumption that we need to keep an eye on.  An average washing load of synthetic and polyester blend fabrics can release up to 700,000 individual microplastics and 50 litres of chemically contaminated water into our rivers and oceans!

 Scrummi Towels provide a natural vegan-friendly alternative to laundering cotton towels in a busy salon. 



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