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You are the artist. 

Pulp Riot is designed for you to create stunning vivid colours without damaging the hair, using paint for modern techniques that blend easier and fade better. We give artists a platform to shine on the biggest stages, whether it be our social media platforms, as independent educators or onstage for us at the world’s biggest hair events.

Pulp Riot is the paint. 

Pulp Riot bursts onto the scene, with one goal, to disrupt the industry. We want you to be the artist with our Semi-Permanent range. This range of bold colours will be your go-to for creating colourful looks. Designed for hair artists to create stunning vivid colours without damaging the hair. Formulated from high quality vegan ingredients, the conditioning base leaves hair in beautiful condition with intense pigment, high shine, and long-lasting results. 

Our High-Speed Toners produce rich tones in as little as five minutes on pre-lightened hair, levels 8-10. The toners are intermixable for detailed shade customisation and the tones deepen the longer you leave them on, giving the artist complete control over the colour results. They contain Quinoa Oil, Plant Butter and Coconut & Linseed Oils for strength, shine and hydration. 

100% Vegan formulas* Artists demand it, clients demand it, we demand it. *No animal derived ingredients.

100% recyclable packaging. Every part of our product packaging is fully recyclable so you can rest assured

100% infused with superseed Quinoa. A gluten free superseed that conditions and gives incredible shine.

We exist to further the careers of the next generation of hair artists, disrupting the industry with our unique style of digital education and the most vibrant and supportive artistic community.