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For over 30 years, L’ANZA Healing Hair Color & Care has pioneered some of the most advanced, cutting-edge technology the industry has ever seen. From care to color, L’ANZA uses the most advanced ingredient technology, perfectly balanced with wildcrafted botanicals and potent actives to heal, seal, and protect the hair. We have earned a reputation for creating exceptional products acclaimed for their unsurpassed performance.


Healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful style. No matter what type or texture, L’ANZA Healing Hair Care has a prescription to reach even your most ambitious hair goals. Healing Hair Color offers a full complement of Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Semi Permanent color options for you to attain the season’s trending hues or simply get back to your roots.

L’ANZA believes that haircare is not just about keeping hair beautiful and healthy, but also keeping Earth beautiful and healthy as well. L’ANZA products and comprehensive green policies promote a sustainable future through numerous programs, actions, and initiatives.

As technology has advanced, scientists have discovered new ways to make ingredients smaller – so small they have to be measured in nanometres. L’ANZA uses this Nanoscience technology to allow ingredients to penetrate deeper into the hair. Healing activity works effectively deep inside without weight. The result is outstanding softness and silkiness with exceptional body, even for the finest hair stands.

At L’ANZA, we believe stylists can discover the beauty within every person they touch. The mission of our global stylist collective is to support and encourage passion, while empowering stylists to achieve their highest potential. We love what you do, let us help you do it!


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