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We are proud to announce that Keratin Complex will be joining us at Colour World UK in London. We’re thrilled. This brand is a global leader and innovator in the smoothing industry, and now launches a colour line created with its signature Keratin mix to deliver ‘beautiful hair everyday’.

There are many brilliant products in the Keratin Complex range, so we’re inviting you to look at a couple of our favourites – soon to rank high on your lust-list, we’re sure!


Vital Shot is a great addition to your service. It rebuilds and repairs the bonds of the hair in one step! It can be used alone, with a masque or in all colour and lightening services — with no added processing time or change to formulation. This is a multi-patented technology that will serve you well. And here’s why we believe you’ll love it:
• does not leave a coating on the hair
• strengthens damaged hair from the inside out
• no need  to be rinsed or shampooed

HER0 2 – Keratin Obsessed

And for more hair joy, Keratin Complex has recently unveiled a new, transformative product – Keratin Obsessed. This amazing lightweight all-in-one spray delivers the instant results of Keratin Complex Keratin, which truly sets this apart, along with 30 – yes, 30!– other nourishing benefits to hair! Hair is instantly healthier, stronger, more vibrant and smoother! One try and you and your clients will be hooked!

This insanely addictive new treatment spray is an essential hair will thank you for! The unparalleled softness and smoothing effects are fabulous AND there is an added bonus of when a heat tool (dryer or flat iron) is used with this product, hair color revitalizes, pops and intensifies, making this unique in the market.

What’s the obsession all about? Easy to say as Keratin Obsessed does all this!
• eliminates Frizz
• strengthens and repairs damage
• is formulated with Keratin, Hydrolyzed Silk Amino Acids 
and Coconut Oil to nourish and moisturize
• softens the hair and leaves it feeling like silk
• increases manageability
• cuts down on blow-dry time
• intensifies colour vibrancy
• fights hair colour fade
• adds mega shine and lustre
• helps prevent breakage with a lightweight formula for all hair types
• is paraben-free
• safe for colour-treated hair


Keratin Complex, a leading full-service professional beauty manufacturer, was founded in 2006 and quickly gained national and international recognition thanks to an innovative signature customisable keratin smoothing treatments. The company not only helped fuel industry growth in this category but also provided salon clients with effective, long-lasting solutions for beautiful, healthy and smooth hair. Working with leading chemists and hair-care experts, Keratin Complex realised that the key to creating an innovative treatment that was both gentle and effective lay in harnessing the power of keratin, an essential hair protein that delivers incredible benefits, endless versatility, and a never-before-seen smoothing effect—all without breaking the bonds of the hair. Since the launch, Keratin Complex has introduced hair care, styling and Keratin Complex Color, a complete line of professional hair color powered by keratin.


COME AND SEE KERATIN COMPLEX at Colour World in London later this year, and discover a whole new world of opportunity!


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