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Hair freedom for all, engineered with biotech 

K18 is on a mission to liberate expression and is using the right technology to achieve the impossible. Building a community of forward-thinkers, risk-takers, and rabble-rousers to foster fearless innovation and push limits farther than we could.

We do things differently 

Instead of building the K18 brand on buzzwords and beliefs from the past, it is based on a radical path in biotech. K18 produces high-performance, clinically-proven hair care, powered by over a decade of biotech research. The patented peptide works on the molecular level to strengthen and repair hair in just 4 minutes for unparalleled client experience, colour service results, and convenience.

The future of haircare is K18 molecular repair 

The formulas are a revolution for stylists, colourists, and clients around the world, allowing them to express their colour expression and creativity and undertake drastic transformations without fear of damage or breakage. 

Hair, welcome to the future 

K18 molecular repair formulas actually repair the hair vs temporarily patching damage or cosmetically masking it. This is done by reversing damage from bleach, colour, chemical services, heat, and regular daily styling with immediate + lasting results. 

Especially in order to prepare the hair for colour application, K18 helps repair, preserve, and strengthen the hair after it has been lightened or bleached, which is a prerequisite for all colour work.

The experts know 

The K18 stylists are in the know when it comes to the latest technology + science. Stylists choose the K18 Molecular Repair Pro Service, which renews hair prior to salon treatments and repairs damage following the service – for more confidence in results and more colour creative expression. Developed for the fast-paced salon environment, each works in a quick manner with no extra rinse required.