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I Can, I Am, And I Will.

An empowerment movement about owning and celebrating your identity founded by Hairstylist, Louis Byrne.

Through his dynamic career and personal life experiences, celebrated Hair and Session Stylist Louis Byrne, has learnt first-hand what it means to pivot and transform your approach to self-love and self-care positively. In response, Louis founded ‘I Can, I Am, And I Will’ – an empowerment movement for everyone, from hairstylists to the general public, helping people tune in to their feelings and the power of choice and positive manifestation.The ‘I Can, I Am, And I Will’ Manifesto Booth will be onsite at Colourworld and available for all event attendees to record their personal manifesto and learn more about what’s coming soon to the movement, including a Rest Journal and mobile App. Louis Byrne will be on-hand to offer one-to-ones, sharing his journey and experiences and to explain more about how fellow hairdressers can join the ‘I Can, I Am, And I Will’ movement.

Discover more about ‘I Can, I Am, And I Will 

I believe in empowerment – owning our identity and feeling a sense of pride in who and what you are is really important. But sometimes, this can get lost – and it did for me. Out of adversity and tough times can come new beginnings, clarity and ultimately, a re-discovery of oneself. This is where the ‘I Can, I Am, And I Will’ movement came from – a need for re-connection with who I really was, how I felt and how I wanted to feel.

I wanted to create a movement of empowerment, something that could help me – and then others – to re-connect with life and all the elements that give our lives meaning and purpose. If you can have an open, authentic and fearless connection with yourself and others, you can experience many more meaningful life moments.”



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