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Our vision is to raise the standard of the hair and beauty industry by enabling salons to become more ethical and sustainable environments for not only the salon but for the stylists and salon guests too. Our unique recycling program together with our education and accreditation programmes enable salons and other businesses in the hair and beauty industry to gain new like-minded clients by becoming true, ethical, sustainable businesses that turn the waste in your bins, into meaningful wins.

Every item of salon waste can be used again to benefit our industry, community and the environment. The sad truth is that mixed recycling does not work. It causes cross-contamination within the bin bags, causing many salon items to be sent to landfills. By providing a circular economy for salons, Green Salon Collective are the solution. So far we have saved over 70 tons from landfills, we aim to save 200 tons by the end of 2022.

Our industry has been operating in a linear economy for far too long. Traditionally, all hairdressing waste is sent to landfills and very little (if any!) gets recycled. There are no benefits for anyone. The circle in our logo represents the circular economy that we are creating within our industry. With every single decision we make, the first thought is always, “How will this benefit our industry, the environment and/or the community?”. When we deal with your waste we are always thinking about how we can reuse, repurpose or recycle this material rather than send it off to a landfill. With this mindset, we can create a circular economy with each waste stream that you give us.

How we contribute to a circular economy:

Send nothing to landfill:

Sending waste to landfills is such an outdated concept because there are so many ways all of our waste can be put to work again. We are committed to keeping all hairdressing waste out of landfills.

Recycle, compost and recover:

We work with local businesses and organisations to ensure that each hairdressing waste stream is converted into something useful.

Give back:

Sometimes our services turn a profit but we are not interested in keeping that for ourselves. We use all of our profits to support local charities such as Food Cycle and Haircuts 4 Homeless. We also financially support tree planting efforts with sales from our Return Boxes.




At Colour World UK we believe in colourists being equally important as hairdressers to the success of a salon business! Clients, therefore deserve excellent colour services, embracing the importance of a great colour consultation through to end result.  Most of all we salute manufacturers and brands offering a great product innovation which enable colour technicians to explore their creativity and offer a bespoke colour to every client. We offer colour conversation and inspiration for you to browse, and respect colour-focused education and events from what’s on and where, to our own Colour World UK event which support our industry and promise to do our best to bring you news and information to help you succeed.

Looking for some more colour inspiration? Here you go: