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Easydry is the worlds first eco-friendly disposable towel. Launched almost 20 years ago, this market leader is available in 25+ countries worldwide. Easydry allows salons to eliminate laundry, freeing them from the tyranny of outdated cotton towels and machines. 

The Easydry range allows salons to switch to sustainable products that outperform cotton towels and plastic capes. Easydry towels are FSC certified and OK compost certified (home, industrial and seedling). Easydry is proud say that we became a B Corporation in 2022 – focussing on people and the planet. 

 The Easydry disposable towel is super-absorbent and dries hair with a gentle blotting motion. This is kinder to skin and hair. Drying with Easydry leaves the hair cuticle smoother. This is essential for fragile, coloured and textured hair. Easydry towels work for all hair textures and all hair lengths.


The Easydry Shoulder Cape is a must for colourists. It protects the clients clothing and ensure the client is comfortable and looks elegant for their colour service. It is 100% recyclable and is available in black or white.

The Easydry Compostable Gown is the newest product in our range. It is a long, black, colour-resistant gown that works for even very long hair. It protects the clients clothing and ensures a sustainable colour service. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to a balayage and colour service

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