at #CW23


From the US to the UK, Blonde Solutions will be officially debuting for the first time at the 2023 Colour World UK! 


Blonde Solutions is a Chicago based black owned luxury lightening company that began in 2020. We created the first patented pigment lightening system that can lift the hair 9 levels and tone simultaneously on ALL HAIR TYPES. This breakthrough technology has propelled Blonde Solutions as the newest and hottest blonding system on the market that started during the pandemic.


Since then the brand has started distribution in 5 major countries with over 1000+ national affiliates and are finally coming to the UK! 

Our International Affiliate Sarah Keane (@slkbleachexpert) and our International head educator Geri Stigen (@geribleach) will be showcasing a blonde transformation using our full line from start to finish. Enjoy Product/brand knowledge as well as immersive education  through our Blonde Solutions VR Experience area. See ya on the other side of the pond May 14-15th.

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