Protect your tools with Denman Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser

And you’re back to your salon and to what you love – finally! Are you well prepared though? Do you have all the suitable PPE needed? Covid-19 has led to a huge increased use of sanitisers and sterilisers to clean brushes, combs and other tools. However many of these cleaning products are ruining your precious kit. To ensure your tools are safe and stay in top condition, the team at Denman has developed their very own Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser.

Why Denman sanitiser?

Alcohol and ethanol based sprays and wipes will over time cause plastic brushes and combs as well as hairdryer and styler casings to split and crack. While the radiation in ultraviolet wands and cabinets causes discolouration, premature aging and eventually breakage, all of which results in the need to replace expensive tools sooner than necessary.

Safe to use on all your combs and brushes, differing from other products, Denman’s Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser contains a ‘Quat’ based disinfectant and ingredient that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses, but is perfectly safe for use on all types of combs, brush handles and bristles. It’s also perfectly safe to use on many other items such as scissors, clippers, capes, chairs, and counters.

Catherine McCambridge – Head of Sales at Denman International explains why it was important for Denman to develop their own sanitiser: “With occasional use, you would probably not notice the damage to the product caused by regular sanitisers, but used all the time, the damage will soon become noticeable. We understand the importance of being able to quickly and easily clean tools between clients, but we also want our customers to get the most out of their Denman products for as long as possible. Therefore we have created the Hairbrush Sanitiser that disinfects, but won’t damage your kit.” She adds: “It’s important to us that our products last, and improving their longevity is a major part of our environmental strategy.”

Sounds that you will be needing this – thank you, Denman!

The easy to use, quick drying Denman Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser is £5.50 + VAT for a 500ml pump-spray bottle and is available via your Denman wholesaler.

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