From Kendel Jenner, and Zendaya to Barbie Ferreira, there’s no doubt about it, the copper hair trend is here to stay. Whether your clients lust over burnished, russet or titian tones, Kevin Murphy have you covered with their new warm shade series from COLOUR.ME.

Designed to express your fiery boldness, KEVIN.MURPHY has formulated three eye-catching new shades to add intense copper reflects on the darkest hair up to the lightest blondes.

Inspired by the sun setting over the Australian iron-rich desert sand, the new multi-tonal COPPER.INTENSE shades are as daring and vibrant as the natural landscape. The unique multi-dimensional tones reflect and warm up the skin tone while delivering shiny, long-lasting hair colour. Dare to explore the three multi-tonal shades for uplifting COPPER.INTENSE colours that shine as bright as your personality.


· Signature COLOR.ME multi-tonal results.

 · Full grey coverage.

· Ammonia-free.

· PPD Free.

· Up to 3 levels of lightening.

· Naturally derived ingredients.

“COPPER.INTENSE is energising, rejuvenating, and powerful, with three new SHADES completing and creating opportunities for long-lasting, bold, bright copper shades for all depths.” – Kate Reid, COLOR.ME Design Director.

COLOR.ME COPPER.INTENSE will be available in KEVIN.MURPHY salons from June 2022.

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