Great Lengths Utimate care package

Great Lengths Ultimate Blond careWith Love Island our guilty pleasure, and the morning weather reports our daily fixation, we’re more fixated than ever on the need to care for hair in this sweltering weather – extensions, natural length, coloured and blonde hair particularly. Happy days that Great Lengths has entered market focussing on blonde and coloured hair with an Ultimate Blond Protection Care rage, designed to protect and restore blonde, dry or damaged hair using a unique ingredient called Keraphlex.

Great Lengths Ultimate care package

What’s it all about? Keraphlex is an active complex that works directly on broken structures to repair hair by penetrating the cuticle layer and directly strengthening the fibre stem, increasing the tensile strength and elasticity. This new treatment works to prevent breakage and split ends which coloured hair is prone too, whilst enhancing vibrancy and leaving hair noticeably and visibly healthier. Great for in salon, fantastic for homeware. You and your clients will love it

Easy to use:

There are three steps to the Ultimate Blond Protection Care treatment:
• Cleansing: Thanks to its mild formula, the Ultimate Blond Protection shampoo can be used daily and leaves hair feeling soft to the touch. The Kera-Protect complex strengthens the hair’s structure, repairing any damage and protecting the colouration. The shampoo should be applied from root to ends and application time varies depending upon hair type: Normal hair – 1-10 minutes; fine, blonde or dyed hair – 2 – 5 minutes;  very pigmented colours – 5-10 minutes
• Moisturising : The Ultimate Blond Care Spray follows the Protection Shampoo. The protein-based system targets hair fibres, providing it with the essential moisture it needs, whilst protecting the vibrancy of the colour. It should be applied by, removing excess water and spraying into hair. It is then worked in thoroughly and not rinsed before moving on to step three.
• Nourishing: The Ultimate Blond Protection Care Conditioner is the ideal conditioner for blonde, coloured and damaged hair. It works by repairing and intensively nourishing hair, replenishing any moisture which has been lost through bleaching. Hair will be left feeling healthy and easy to comb through. It should be distributed through hair and left on for 5 – 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

The summer of love

The new Keraphlex formula in Great Lengths Ultimate Blond Care means hair becomes instantly manageable and brighter while helping to avoid those split ends!

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