Pulp Riot creatively!

We loved attending our first all UK Pulp riot Creative Lab held at Skyler London this week. Furthermore, the collision of two superpowers on the colour circuit was bound to be fun and our visit didn’t disappoint!


The concept of a creative event is how Pulp Riot connects and shares artistry, with a team of colourists invited to the gathering to see what conspires colourwise. At Skyler Macdonald’s fun colour-focussed salon, every colourist brought along their own model. Meanwhile, Pulp Riot supplied the paint and shared a couple of kick-ass signature techniques to get everyone going. Not to mention, it was heralded a ‘communal creation experience’ and an apt title, too. Above all, we loved the vibe and congrats to the colourists we met there, including the #colourtastic likes of @peachsoda @kyleemariehair & @christabel_legrand. And if you fancy joining in the next creative lab, then keep your eyes open for an invite…

Skyler London joins up with Pulp Riot

Skyler London signs up

Firstly, Pulp Riot launched this lab at Skyler London, where the creative director Lloyd Court revealed that she is now fully on-board with this bold colour house.

In other words, this fabulous colour label continues to make a lot of noise, which thrills us! Also, enjoy our gallery of the looks created this week… pretty, bold and oh so much fun.

All photography: Sean Hanna

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