Fowler Hair Academy

The wisdom of years is how we see Darren Fowler – award-winning hairdresser and international educator! Now he’s launched his online education platform – the Fowler Hair Academy and we highly recommend you pay it a visit.

Darren Fowler – business and creative combined

Darren FowlerTalking us through his new digital education, members-only site, Darren explains it covers both business and creative topics and is hugely personable. Putting his experience to best use i.e. an immensely far-reaching career travelling to work on shows, seminars and tutorials literally everywhere, our man talks to you directly from the screen explaining and demonstrating his skills as a salon owner and jobbing hairdresser. “Being able to educate on an international level is a huge privilege,” says Darren. “The feedback you get from being with someone face to face is incredible. However, I’ve always been interested in how we can keep that conversation going, how people can have ongoing education from the same person even if they live thousands of miles away.”

How does it work?

Darren FowlerVisit and sign up for either monthly (£39.95) or annual (£395) access to a menu of tutorials covering subjects including: Most Successful Stylist; Supreme Creative; Business Mogul; the Backwash; Creating Your Manifesto. As well as film, there are accompanying worksheets and downloads for members to work through.

You can try a taster for the content and access The Perfect Consultation video – we did, and we liked it!

I am very excited about this launch and really hope that it can help hairdressers around the world have the best career ever. It’s a brilliant industry with so many opportunities for those who work hard, are passionate and seek to constantly better themselves. My wish is for the Fowler Hair Academy to be part of that journey.” Darren Fowler
Darren Fowler

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