Westrow’s SS18 colour shout

Watching the SS18 shows last Autumn, Jenny Pelter, technical director at Westrow artistic team and co-franchisee for the brand, has picked out three top colour trends for this season. She explains why bronze, icy blonde, and dynamic shades of raven black, and iconic red from the 90s will be scene-stealing:

Westrow SS18 colour trends Bronze Godess
Bronze goddess

Westrow SS18 colour trends


At Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’18, model of the moment was Kaia Gerber, daughter of the original brunette supermodel Cindy Crawford. It’s no surprise that colourists backstage were keen to play up to Kaia’s brunette reputation with shades as close to her natural colour as possible.

My favourite of these shades was a beautiful warm bronze colour that she rocked at Isabel Marant SS18. A rich coppery brown, that appeared to have been painted with a freehand technique and which reflected the light beautifully. It’s the perfect antidote to all the shades of blonde we see so much of throughout the summer.

The beauty of bronze is that it looks so natural. Yet is really striking, and it can really lift certain skin tones and complexions. Medium and darker complexions with pink undertones can pull off a lighter shade of bronze. Yellow skintones, however especially those with very dark eyes, run the risk of appearing more sallow next to lighter bronze tones. They benefit from sticking to a darker, more ruddy version. When colouring the hair bronze I would stick to using a Foilyage technique. Similar to Balayage, but using foils. These should give just enough subtle colour placement to brighten and warm up brunette locks.”

Westrow SS18 colour trends grey ice baby
Ice ice baby!


Cooler shades of white blonde are simply gorgeous for summer. It’s no surprise that the SS18 shows were both a platform to showcase the trend. Versus SS18 models wore the look beautifully. They also showed off the trend (Kim Kardashian went an icy shade of silver and used Fashion Week as a chance to show the world). I predict that it will be the more natural variations of white blonde that will be most popular rather than the silver hued shade that Kim K sported.

At Roberta Einer’s SS18 show the look was Californian girl post-surf. So hair was very white though the crown and front – more sun-beaten than sunkissed. Meanwhile at Peter Pilotto, the shade was very pale baby blonde; very Scandinavian and pure. This is the kind of shade that calls for a lot of post-colour care and ideally a condition-preserving treatment during the colouring process. A full colour consultation is also essential. It will be the key  to  helpdetermine whether this high-maintenance colour is suitable.


The Nineties have been a key style reference for a couple of seasons now – not only for women, but for men too. This season, even hair colour won’t escape the influence of this era. At Moschino SS18 the clothes, make-up and haircuts all had a clearly identifiable Nineties’ vibe and were unmistakably inspired by the original supermodels of the decade. The Moschino models showed off a variety of hair colours, but two key features defined the look. Firstly, all the colours were apparently based on Nineties’ icons. We saw Pamela Anderson blonde, Winona Ryder’s 1991 raven shade and Linda Evangelista’s iconic red. Secondly, every shade had that ‘fresh from a bottle’ appearance, characterized by its one-dimensional shade.

An almost artificial-looking colour and plenty of colourful vibrancy.

Recreate this Nineties’ style in salon by lifting the base from root to tips, to create a uniform lightened foundation, before applying a single shade of vibrant red all over. A colour-care treatment such as Olaplex, will protect the hair from any potential damage.  A deep conditioning follow-up treatment, such as a Kérastase Instant Ritual, will give that all-important supermodel gloss finish.”

Thanks Jenny! Plenty to watch out for in strong directional colour!

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