The Pearl Series

Want to discover some shade secrets from the Paul Mitchell Pro’s? The Demi Pearl family includes three shades of creamy, pinky-pearl tones that create subtle results your guests will love.

The Demi Pearls are formulated with pure tone and contain no background colour. Offering versatile toning on pre-lightened hair, they are ideal for eliminating unwanted warmth, refreshing and refining.

The Shades

  • 7P (7/8) is versatile enough to soften unwanted warmth at the same or similar level, resulting in a soft chocolatey tone, or it can be used on lighter blonde levels to deposit a pinky-rose fashion tone.
  • 9P (9/8) refines unwanted yellow tones, resulting in a balanced blonde. On lighter levels, a soft pearl tone is revealed.
  • 10P (10/8) is the ultimate refiner on the lightest levels, depositing a whisper of creamy pink tonality.

Shade Secrets

Pearl Perfection

Highlight formula – 1 scoop of SynchroLift+ + 2oz 20 Vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Lowlight formula – 1oz The Demi 7P + 1oz The Demi 7N + 2oz Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid
Hand-paint formula – 1 scoop of Skylight + 1.5oz 30 Vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Tone & refine formula – 2oz The Demi 10P + 2oz Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid

Rose Chocolate

Top coat formula – 2oz The Demi 7P + 2oz Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid

Blush blonde

Highlight formula – 1 scoop SynchroLift+ + 1oz 20 Vol Paul Mitchell Cream Developer
Tone & refine formula – 2oz The Demi 9P + 2oz Paul Mitchell Processing Liquid

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