Summer inspired hair colours

As summer quickly comes to an end, we’re all trying to hang on to the last little bit of sun. With clients having spent most of their summer in lockdown, we see summer inspired hair colours on demand because everyone wants a bit of …beach please!

We talk sunkissed balayage and brighter, warmer hues inspired by sunsets. This includes shades of peach, sunshine yellow, burnt orange, fire red and blush pink. The beauty of this trend is the sunset hue can be as vibrant or as subtle as the client likes and for blondes these subtler tones are a great way to update their look and will fade out beautifully. Below, industry experts comment on their favourite sunset inspired shades and what clients are asking for.

Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa

”Shades of orange and copper are a huge trend towards the end of summer and as we transition into autumn. These hair colours are particularly great for brunettes who want to add dimension to their look with copper tones or for those who want to stand out from the crowd with an all-over vibrant orange tone. Orange and copper tones work well for most skin tones and can really brighten client’s complexions and clients features, allowing their eyes to stand out. This hair colour also really promotes shine and is great for clients who want their hair to look incredibly healthy and shiny.”

Dylan Brittain, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International and Owner of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon

”Shades of sunshine like yellow are definitely not for faint hearted clients. These hairstyles really do turn heads and are great for those clients who love vivid colours and being creative with their hair. For blondes in particular, opting for a yellow shade is a great way to add some fun to their hair and will fade better than most colours allowing them to transition back blonde a lot more easily. For those with a darker base, their hair will need to be pre-lightened prior to colouring it this vibrant shade. This hair colour is definitely a fashion inspired colour and requires a lot of maintenance from clients on leaving the salon with haircare products to keep the colour looking its best and vibrant. This colour also looks great when paired with orange to create a sunset like balayage or teamed with a short, quirky cropped haircut for an edgy hair look.”

Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing

”Pink is one of the softest colours in the sunset and one of the most wearable. There are so many interpretations of pink hair from pastel to fuchsia. Pink hair is on trend and I like to experiment with grungy, worn out pink shades as we move into autumn. This colour is perfect for that soft feminine feel but with a hint of androgyny and sharpness. Keep the roots of your hair slightly darker and even grey/black to add a real punky feel to this otherwise pretty shade. The key to this colour is maintenance. It can fade very quickly so to keep it looking fresh be prepared to see more than usual of your chosen hairdresser.”

Paul Watts, JOICO European Colour Design Team Member and owner of Paul Watts Hairdressing

”The sunset trend is a beaut. What’s better than those sunset tones? With dusty pinks and tonal oranges, melting into each other, creating beautiful purples and reds. I love to use the JOICO Powerhouse Red collection and coppers to get the depth, melting JOICO Color Intensities over the top to create those sunset vibes. By adding a simple wave and styling it out with JOICO Beach Shake to add more colour dimensions and show off hints of colour is a winner.”


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