Autumn/Winter hair trends predictions

It’s that transition period; clients are back from holidays and summer mood and want their hair to look a bit more winterish! It’s this great period we see and hear of new trends and new colour shades. Salons and stylists across the UK give us their Autumn/Winter 2020 hair trend report and predictions. Enjoy!

‘Western With A 70’s Flair’ – Predicted by Lucie Luella

”One of the biggest trends coming for Autumn/Winter is western with a big 70’s influence. I’m seeing more shag hair cuts than ever, with coppers & gold colour palettes to match!”


‘The Shag’ – Predicted by Slunks Salon

”It looks like hair’s going to be a lot more low maintenance after lockdown. The days of spending hours perfecting your style will be out of the window. The shag and natural textured haircuts will be a massive part of this, complimented by a stand out colour. These styles suit solid block, but muted tones. Some of my favourite Crazy Color muted tones are Peppermint, for that minty muted green, half Marshmallow, half Ice Mauve, with a few dots of Rose Gold, for that muted pink tone.”

‘Pink Glaze’ – Predicated by Patrick Marrow, Hive MCR

”Autumn/Winter ’20 is all about getting our favourite colour shade and adding it to wet hair in the shower or at the backwash to give a truly temporary ‘glaze’. Something tells me we’re gonna feel the itch we didn’t get to scratch this spring/summer, so I see a substantial amount of whites, silvers, mauves, lavenders and lilacs coming through. Think ‘My Little Pony’ with added punch. It’s low maintenance and leaves behind a really clean blonde that could get clients to hold on to it for the next Summer season.”

‘Blue-Blue’ – Predicted by Slunks Salon

”Making a massive punch this Autumn will be the blues, from the rich deep Sapphire, with a few dots of black, to the ice cold tone of Blue Jade with Peacock blue, mixed with clear.”

‘Orange To Peach’ – Predicted by Becky Sutherland

”My prediction for A/W is going to be orange, peachy tones. These colours are so versatile you can create your own perfect shade, watch this space.”

‘Chunky Highlights’ – Predicted by Slunks Salon

”Whether you like it or not chunky highlights will be a popular go-to. But you don’t have to keep it restricted to blonde and brown. For those that like to stand out from the crowd, create it with some high impact colours, bold darks with splashes of red or orange will definitely take this to the next level.”


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