IdHAIR presents Hair Ink

A New Year kickstart from IdHAIR presents Hair Ink! The Danish colour house gives us a multi-functional cream to add tone, restore pigment, and intensify colour, it’s perfect for personalising colour work – you’ll love it!

IdHAIR presents Hair Ink

idHAIR Hair InkThe line-up of ingredients in new Hair Ink reads more like a menu in a health-food restaurant! We’re loving the addition of sunflower seed oil (to repair and protect the hair against UK rays and damaging environmental effects); mandarin oil (to protect the scalp during colouring process and for comb-ability); grapefruit and citrus (oils that are antioxidant to give shine and ensure colour lasts longer). So lush! And with a unique anti-ageing complex created to emulate the effectiveness of tiny micro-pigments and anti-oxidants in the skincare industry which are more easily carried deep into the cortical area of the hair shaft, this colour system delivers great results.

Want more benefits?

IdHAIR Hair Ink is ammonia-free and has six vibrant shades* that compliment and enhance colour. You can use it with the brand’s Hair Paint and Hair Paint Free ranges, or intermix with other colour systems. It’s so versatile you’ll enjoy experimenting.

* IdHAIR Hair Ink is available in green, blue, violet, red, orange and yellow.

NEWSFLASH: You’ll discover more about IdHAIR at this year’s Colour World UK 2019 event. To find out more, click HERE:

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