Black is black

We love how Australian brand Evo send us news of their Fabuloso colour-enhancing conditioners. These colour-reviving, shine-adding, colour-intensifying conditioners provide an instant hair colour boost combined with a nourishing treatment effect. With seven different shades already available, they tempt you to “be black like the night, black like a cat, black like your coffee… coat yourself in the mystery of the world’s favourite shade!” Ohh, how they have a way with words that give you exactly the info you need in a funny, happy way! So Black is Fabuloso’s pro-colour which adds depth to existing formulations and expand the rainbow to include black, grey and darker shades. Now you can ensure that clients maintain their deeper shades at home – and your belief in humanity! Ammonia-free, peroxide-free, deposit-only, direct pigment intensifiers are designed to be mixed together to create unlimited semi colours and use cationic pigment technology to adhere the colour molecules strongly to the hair shaft – bonding them to the hair fibre.

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