Smudge by Saffy Burton is a mini-collection that catches our eye. A new technique  her clients love. There’s been plenty of time to play with colour during Lockdown and we’ve seen lots…

Find your curl power

Have you got the curl power? Need to boost your confidence colouring coily hair? Well, imagine if you could get 3 hours of education on colouring curly hair for absolutely FREE. Guess…


How to be a sustainable salon

Whilst both ourselves and our clients are becoming more aware of the planet and what we can do to ensure future generation’s have the privilege to live a glorious life. We understand…


CWTV21 is FREE online now: What’s on?

Watch all the shows from the Colour World TV filming for FREE on our TV platform HERE Who’s in the house? There were so many people at CWTV21 … you’ll be thrilled…


Colour Genius Winners 2021!

Fighting the odds, we held our TV awards presentation for Colour World Genius Awards 2021 last night in East London. Thanks to producer Karen Lowe for the show, and Andy Gilbert for…


WATCH Colour World TV 2021 NOW – FREEVIEW

Colour World TV 2021 broadcasts live filming from the fabulous CWTV venue in East London and you can watch on our TV platform FREE. Simply jump onto SUNDAY 27TH JUNE 12.00…

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  • Smudge

    Smudge by Saffy Burton is a mini-collection that catches our eye. A new technique  her…

  • Propaganda

    Heralding the new term, we’re keen to see hairdressing creatives pushing a strong colour story…

  • Simply scrumptious

    Simply scrumptious is the way to regard the colour palette for the AW21, as in…

  • L’Oreal Colour Trophy is turning 65

    We are looking forward to Monday night, as 13th September see’s the 65th year of…

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