We’re gearing up for the big reveal of our line-up at Colour World 2022 in May, and to get you fired up, here’s one of our hottest guests: Conor Doyle

Recently flying solo and moving away from the salon, Conor Doyle is building quite a following and reputation for his online education. The Dublin-based fabulous colourist and educator has racked up a whopping 75.5K devoted fans on Instagram, who love his colour transformations, and witty but totes informative education reels. 

So what can you expect from Conor at Colour World this year? He’ll be working in the colour shair demo areas, taking part in panel conversations and delivering a bite-size seminar on how to slay on Instagram. We’ll also be delving into his knowledge banks with an oh so up-close-and-personal interview.

We caught up with the man himself for a few quick questions…. 

 What is Conor Doyle’s big plan? 

 My big plan is to create an inclusive education space that is tailored to all of the diverse types of learning we see in the industry. I think the super-serious mould of the teacher/student dynamic is one that puts a lot of professionals off upskilling. I like to dismantle that as best I can through the creation of more edu-tainment type education, as well as taking the piss wherever I can. Things can be taken a bit too seriously around here.

How do you describe your type of education? 

My education is centred around my own struggle to maintain focus. I’m diagnosed AD(H)D and for years I beat myself up over my apparent lack of ability to consume anything more than ‘bite-sized’ bits of info at a time; or anything that didn’t instantly capture my attention. With that in mind, the approach I always take is to create informative content in snappy, entertaining ways. 

 What don’t people know about you as a colourist? 

Often people don’t realise I’m actually really into creative colour! It just kind of fell out of my social presence like a reverse snowball effect; I became known as a more conventional commercial colourist. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating beautiful, expensive-looking salon colour, but I have a particular interest in unusual and often strange colour concepts.

How will people learn best from you… what’s your point of difference when it comes to colour?

I don’t really enjoy “copy and paste” type education. The angle I love to approach is why we make certain decisions when we colour. When I walk out of a seminar, event, course or whatever, I don’t want people to be able to just create what I’ve shown them. I want them to be able to understand how I got there, and reverse engineer their own genius way of creating their own spin on it. 


Current favourite techniques or styles that you’ll be keen to share at Colour World? 

I am loving how we are moving back into this luxe space within hair trends. The seamless fluid blending of colour; voluptuous styling, and high shine finished. I want to take this commercial trend but add some unique unusual colour stories to it. Creating a look that can be worn commercially, or toned creatively. 

Come and meet him at Colour World to find out more! 

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