Alfaparf Milano Professional continue their bleach range

The Alfaparf Milano Professional bleaching powders continue… Oh yes! 

A bespoke look for each client includes working on their colour to enhance their individuality. Having a great bleach product to hand means you can enhance your client’s uniqueness with lightening techniques and rely upon the result..  

Alfaparf Milano Professional has renewed its line of bleaching powders in the BB Bleach line, with choices to satisfy the whole world of blondes and brunettes. New formula, new packaging and new choices in the range catch our eye. 

New range: BB Bleach line consists of three different bleaching powders: 

  1. Easy lift: the blue bleaching powder which helps prevent unwanted shades, fighting the orange at the end of the service. Suitable both for use on the scalp and for foil highlights and balayage techniques
  2. Free style lift: the bleaching powder with clay able to dry externally, isolating the strands. Ideal for work with the freehand technique
  3. High lift: the white bleaching powder with a non-volatile and creamy texture which allows an even application , suitable for personalised and flawless services

Alfaparf Milano tells us all the reasons the BB Bleach is worth it for your clients… 

New formula: BB Bleach features a bond system protection technology; the solution works both inside and outside the hair fibre meaning it is able to: 

  • Repair chemically-treated hair
  • Protect hair from external agents (heat, urban pollution, UV stress) 
  • Restore hair resilience 
  • Vegan formula that is free from ingredients of animal origin or derivation. 

New sachet, a change in packaging, seems to be more practical and convenient to use. It also offers important environmental benefits: 

  • Fewer number of components 
  • 50% fewer CO2eq emissions linked to the new packaging production 
  • Instruction leaflet substituted with a QR code, to reduce paper consumption 

Being renewed: in addition to a new formula and new packaging, a new format has also been introduced, the sachet for the high lift powder, created to meet the needs of customers. 

We like the sound of this range… To find out more about the range of products check out the distribution options HERE: 

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