AlterEgo Miracle Colour Silver Maintain

The AlterEgo premium hair colour and care brand from Italy has a considerable portfolio of fabulous, hard-working products to enhance and safeguard any colour-treated hair. We’re loving this pair of blonde carers in the form of new Miracle Color Silver Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner (new in the Arganikare Silver Maintain line).  Designed especially for clients with bleached, blonde or grey hair, they are perfect for invigorating and strengthening hair, and a special violet pigment will neutralise yellow effects, restoring the original shade’s cold colour pigments. The addition of Gogi Berries helps prolong colour intensity while argan oil adds moisture and strength. Not forgetting the use of Aloe Vera to protect the scalp and Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant that restores hair’s natural shine.
It’s so important to look after the blondes in your salon clientele – usually the most popular colour choice, and they should be the brightest!

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