It was so exciting for TIGI to be at Colour World this year! Here, the brand shared their very latest work from their new collection, RETROSPECTIVE, inspired by some of the past work created by Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI International Creative Team. It has been a fascinating experience for the team as they have appraised some of most iconic looks created for TIGI Education. The exercise has allowed the Team to progress their own work, updating their ideas to ultimately develop the new cutting and colouring techniques they will share with you at Colour World.

The 5 new cuts and colours within the Retrospective Collection take reference from the past, but point strongly to the future, allowing a clear understanding as to how hairdressers and colourists can move their work forwards to increase technical and creative expertise.
“Today is about freedom, the liberty to be who you want and look individual. The new mood brings with it the liberty to create the shapes and colours of the future. As a team we have created so much work over the years. It’s been exciting to reappraise what we’ve done to give us new energy and fresh ideas, recreating new versions of some of our most iconic looks with a new slant and new products that are as relevant in this moment as they were originally. We are excited to share our work at Colour World.”Anthony Mascolo, TIGI International Artistic Director.

For the new Collection, colour and cut works strongly together emphasising the mood and linking to fashion and lifestyle choices. The results are strong, youthful and of the moment, giving a new definition and relevance to the work of the salon hairdresser.


Over two days at the venue in Dalston, east London, TIGI ambassadors and the creative team, let by Christel Lundqvist and Warren Boodaghians presented amazing colour looks with demos and conversation in our TIGI Annexe.

During Colour World the TIGI Creative Team had a continual schedule to show both cutting and colouring techniques. There was an area where to talk to TIGI experts to find out more how TIGI copyrightcolour can benefit your salon and the work of your technicians, as well as members of the Team chatting details about the work on show.

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