Scrummi was proud to be sponsoring this year’s Colour World – it is their mission to help you save money and time as well as helping you work towards your sustainable salon goals. Providing free, one-use towels for the backwash area and talking with visitors about the issues of protecting the environment – including a seat on the Genius Panel hosted by Carolyn Newman – gave a great opportunity to talk about important issues.

Thousands of salons agree!

Scrummi now have thousands of salons across Europe using their biodegradable and compostable towels.  See how easy it is: 

Washing machines and dryers use lots of energy to wash linen, especially at hot temperatures. On top of this, chemicals and soaps are being drained away into our water supplies. These processes are very harmful to our environment.  

Then there’s the costs to consider, sky high electric bills and regular machine maintenance costs coupled with paying your stylists, colourists and juniors to be away from their clients folding and stacking towels. Your team should be out on the salon floor with their clients!

Reveal of new gown at Colour World UK

As well as placing towels at the backwashes by the Colour SHair demonstration areas at Colourworld, the team at Scrummi were also thinking about colourists with the launch of  new ‘Colouring Gowns’  – designed with a view to completely removing all laundry from the salon. Their gowns are water and colour resistant and fix around the neck with a velcro strip.  

No more stained gowns and capes! The Scrummi Colouring gowns are recyclable and can be disposed of with your other salon recycling waste. Love it!

Single use, Scrummi towels are eco-friendly, and more absorbent than cotton towels! When washing cotton towels at 90 degrees you can never be sure that they are free of bacteria – don’t you find they also start to look a little threadbare? You can use a brand new, untouched Scrummi towel with every customer – 100% hygienic, 100% fresh every time.

Scrummi often get told that salon customers want cotton towels, but they find that if the salon staff are on board with the sustainable aspects of Scrummi towels, that they talk to their customers are about all of the Scrummi benefits it doesn’t take long for their customers to realise that they are doing their bit for the environment. Scrummi towels are really soft to the touch too.

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