Matrix launch Multi-Melt

Did you know that over half of the population in the UK has darker hair? If you’re a savvy stylist, then yes, you probably did. You will also know that these darker haired clients represent a huge potential for colourists, especially in the summer months! Darker hair clients want a multi-tonal colour that doesn’t compromise the health of their hair. Matrix has this covered with their brand new service, Multi-Melt.

Multi-Melt is designed to deliver multi-dimensional results on every hair type by blending three or more shades from root to tip. The Matrix Multi-Melt incorporates shades from both the Pre-bonded SoColor and Pre-bonded SoColor Sync ranges to give you the freedom to be as subtle or as bold as you like whilst maintaining the integrity of the hair, colour after colour**. It’s the ideal service for darker haired clients who are bored with flat colour results but want to ensure their hair stays vibrant and healthy.

The Technique

Step 1. Choose warm or cool shades to work with. Select the reflect based on the client’s preference, whilst considering shades that complement their skin tone.

Step 2. Select three or more shades from dark to light — remember, the bigger the difference between shades the more dimension you’ll achieve.

Step 3. Apply colour to the base, ends and then the mid-section. Applying at the mid-section last gives you control over how the colour is blended.

Step 4. Melting colour into the hair using your fingers to help with colour saturation and seamless blending.


The pre-bonded formulas for SoColor and SoColor Sync help to protect the inner hair structure, colour after colour**.


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