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New Revlon Professional Nutri Color™ Crème is a fantastic business opportunity! Seize the moment to increase client loyalty, grow sales, and provide addition salon services. A versatile and profitable range, with an iconic brand heritage, Nutri Color Crème from Revlon Professional helps you express your creativity. A relaunched, upgraded formula ensures key ingredients keep colour vibrant and moisturized, and your clients delighted with your expertise. Use NCC as a support between colour services – keeping colour fresher and shiner between salon visits – or as a temporary colour lasting up to 10 washes so that clients can change their colour as often as they like. NCC is easy to apply with a fantastic smell, and putting you firmly in charge, you can use shades as delivered, or diluted or cocktailed to personalize the results.





A palette of 9 classic, winning NCC shades gives formulas for refreshing and/or neutralizing colours with top-selling shades to choose from, including golden or chestnut blondes, white platinum, light, frosty or pearly beige, frosty or ash brown.
Alternatively, the trend for temporary hair colour shows consumers becoming more experimental and flexible when it comes to changing their hair colour. The NCC chromatic shades are perfect for boosting or refreshing colour, as well as mixing and expanding into new and personalized colour formulas and creating both pastel and vibrant fantasy colours. There are eight shades at your disposal, from violet, tangerine, purple/red and fire red, to pink, lavender or new yellow, and green. And for completeness, a clear shade gives you added versatility.

In salon, with a three-minute NCC service you have the option to:
• refresh the colour between two colour services (any permanent or semi-permanent colour)
• adjust and correct – neutralize unwanted tones in highlights and bleaching
• equalise and correct colour irregularities.
At home, in just 15 minutes, clients can use NCC to:
• refresh colour between salon visits
• neutralize highlights
• maintain fantasy colour.
A 3-in-1 cocktail, NCC offers colour, care and incredible shine. Clients will love it, and appreciate your expertise all the more.
For more details contact Customer Services on tel: +44 (0)20 7391 7440 or customerservices.uk@revlon.com


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