Colour Brilliance from Goldwell

We say boo to dull colour! Much better instead to learn more about the latest innovation from Goldwell as the brand unleashes @Pure Pigments. You’ll love this:
Goldwell @Pure Pigments are high-definition direct dye additives that elevate hair colour with vibrancy and brilliance. Opening up a new dimension in colour results, @Pure Pigments feature revolutionary HD³ Dye Technology, developed in collaboration with the experts at Fujifilm over a period of 17 years. It’s incredible!
The HD³ Dye Technology creates long-lasting, multi-dimensional colour results, offering light reflection for incredible shine from all angles. How so? It’s thanks to the small molecular size and the special distribution of the electrical charge, meaning the technology is able to intensely colour the hair, while providing fade resistance. The patented hair dyes form gradient layers of multi-spectral colours that play with reflections – to put it more simply, it’s a bit like looking at light passing through a prism.
@Pure Pigments can be combined with Goldwell’s colour brands, Topchic, Colorance and Nectaya, for colour results that truly shine. The direct dyes surround the oxidative hair colour, creating a colour layering process that brings increased shine, a boost of colour intensity and a higher resistance to fading.
If you want hard figures, we have them. According to the experts at Goldwell, @Pure Pigments will:

  • Provide 63% more shine, on average, compared to regular colour
  • Boost the colour intensity of the colour formula by up to three times
  • Result in twice as much resistance to colour fading

This advancement from Goldwell opens up a whole new range of service possibilities for salon owners. Three new Elumenated Hair Colour service options have been introduced, which will excite your clients, while offering colourists the chance to express their artistry.
Colour Morphing – just add multiple tones of @Pure Pigments to create iridescent and holographic colour effects
Colour Boosting – add tone-on-tone colours to Topchic, Colorance or Nectaya formulations to create spectacular intensity, achieving show-stopping looks with vivid brilliance and colour saturation
Colour Washing – create beautiful pastel washes, ranging from subtle to intense, illuminating lighter tones with veils of soft colour.

Summing up the brilliance of @Pure Pigments, John Moroney, Kao Salon global creative director says: “With @Pure Pigments we take hair colour services to the next level. We offer Goldwell stylists an infinite world of colour creativity which will not only delight their clients but also elevate their colour expertise and upgrade the hair colour business.”

Okay, we’re convinced! Book us in for a service right now!



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