Unapologetically Me

‘Live Your Life In Color!’ has always been the mantra of exuberant colour brand Crazy Color®. A new campaign called ‘Unapologetically Me’ portrays real people in glorious colour. We love it!

A colour revolution

From day one, back in the early 1970s, founder and award-winning stylist Renato Brunas promoted colourful hair as a means of outward expression for those who didn’t want to fit in. The mission was to give everyone the tools to be themselves unapologetically. Crazy Color® was fuelled by a revolution and, 44 years on, retains the same ethos. Take a look at this explosively-coloured new collection of extraordinary colour for real people.

Community led

‘Unapologetically Me’ was shot and produced by a team of LGBTQIA+ models and crew. Each and every person on set had a story to tell.

Crazy Color® has always ‘walked hand-in-hand’ with the LGBTQIA+ community. A rainbow of 40 shades in a semi-permanent range is quite the palette from which to create any colour result. Now in 2021, the brand is making a renewed stand to support the LBGTQIA+ community with a campaign just for them; to say thank you.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves, inside and out. Thank you for your inspirational stories and talent.
Thank you for using color to boost confidence whilst helping people to find, and express, their true selves. Thank you for being ‘Unapologetically You’.

Unapologetically MeIt’s time to give back says Crazy Color® who are supporting the LGBT Foundation – a foundation formed in 1975 that has been helping to change the lives of the LGBT community every since. A helpline and online platform has an extensive reach, working to achieving equality, promoting safety, encouraging wellbeing and their people, their community.

Rainbow kit

Rainbow Kit by Crazy Color box

Launching right now, Crazy Color® has enhanced its range of semi-permanents with a new Rainbow Kit. The kit includes 6 top selling shades; Fire, Orange, Canary Yellow, Toxic UV, Capri Blue and Pinkissimo, all for the price of 4 shades. Not only do you get every color you need to push those creative boundaries and create the ultimate rainbow look, showing the world that you are ‘Unapologetically You’, but you also get 2 shades free.


The Color Squad used the kit throughout the shoot to ensure you never fall short of inspiration. Whether it be a pastel rainbow, rainbow fringe or full on rainbow mermaid, each of our LGBTQIA+ models have a look to help take your creative vision to the next level.

Unapologetically MeThe choice is endless. Since 1977, and into the future, ALWAYS ‘Live Your Life in Color!’.

CRAZY COLOR® Rainbow Kit, RRP £22


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