Meet your new BFF at Colour World!

Imagine having a friend at your side all day – they could remind you of tint mix formulas and sequences when using multiple colours, and in a way which inspires confidence in clients simply because they can see the process.? Well, you can! We believe that Prism Pot is your new BFF. It’s the innovation of a professional hairdresser who, after a 30 year career in the industry has devised the perfect time-saving tools for you, making the colouring process more efficient and enjoyable.

The Prism Pot not only holds your tint mix in an ergonomically designed pot, but it also ensures that you can easily record a client’s colour requirements, and remember to update your notes while working. The pot includes a firm lip to remove excess tint from an overloaded brush; a highly-engineered, heavy rubber base which clings to the trolley and stops the irritation of it sliding around; the ability to nestle the specially shaped pots on the trolley and create a great deal more space than average tinting bowls. AND, these space-saving pots stack beautifully and also drip dry easily because of the interior shape of the pot. Love’em.

Prism Pot at #CWUK18Prism Pot at #CWUK18

Everywhere you looked at Colour World UK this May in East London you could see Prism Pot in action! Colour artists of all ages and stages of experience were invited to try the products for themselves – and they loved them! Browse this gallery to see what we mean:

and you’ll love Prism Brush, too!

The Prism Brush is an ergonomically-designed tint brush that allows you to feather and blend colour accurately. With its revolutionary dual bristles of two lengths which finish in a gentle and delicate feathered formation, you can: secure more tint on regrowth applications; penetrate thick or coarse hair with ease and spread colour effortlessly with the thick set bristle. It is ideal for high lighting or low lighting in isolation.

Importantly, the Prism Brush can be adapted for various techniques without the need to change brushes during application. The tapered end of the handle means that hair can be sectioned easily when required.

The name to remember, is Prism!

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