There’s lots to look forward to in 2022…. overall there is a return to normality with salons and services hopeful that we are able to flex our creative muscles! Importantly, styles have also evolved with a focus on more gentle, wholesome services that maintain health and condition in the hair. Brands are keen to work with this and to express their work in sustainability and awareness of carbon footprint. As ever, Kevin.Murphy is right in the thick of it.

Kevin.Murphy in 2022

The brand is already a sustainability hero – no question for us in this – with a capsule colour collection that gives you freedom to express your art and release your client’s indviduality. Their mission is the New Year continues to be the skinification of hair and choosing shades and colouring methods that prioritise the health of the hair.

Online, the Kevin.Murphy message uses the awesome Hailey Bieber as an example of someone who is championing this trend with her newfound beauty rituals. The latest blogspot post notes that Hailey is opting for hairstyles that allow her to step out of the house with deep conditioner in her hair and leaning into her natural tone. She is just one of the many celebrities that have embraced her roots and found a new shade that suits her. Some are dubbing the abandonment of traditional highlights as “expensive brunette,” while others are simply welcoming a new natural. 

We agree. A new ULTRA.VIOLET campaign and LOOK.BOOK from Kevin.Murphy has debuted NUDES and the new CHOCOLATE.ASH tones. The visual we have here is for ULTRA.VIOLET  – a teaser for now… pop back early in January 2021 to see the rest! In addition to this, all aspects of the KEVIN.MURPHY brand has always been at the forefront of the skinification of hair. Treatments, like pH.D and SCALP.SPA brings light to the need to take care of the skin and strands from the inside out.

Peace, love and ULTRA.VIOLET For 2022 people!

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