Colour World UK 2018 launch party
We’re tickled to see this film  – courtesy of our favourite film-makers at HairTribe of course –who attended Colour World UK 2018 launch party. party gave guests a little taster of what Colour World is all about – we had six colourists working Colour Shairs to showcase their choice of technique which represents the vibe of sharing, communication and education which we promote. There are no barriers between our presenters and visitors, all the happenings are on the flat – whether colour demos, seminars, showcases – which means you can just walk up to working technicians, colourists and educators, and watch, ask questions and take photos. This is truly and egalitarian event in May just like our party – but 1000% bigger,  obviously! Tickets are on sale now so don’t delay in securing your place. CLICK HERE to purchase.

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