IdHAIR joins Colour World for the first time in 2019. 


Preben Munch Kjaergaard

Founded in 1986 by Preben Munch Kjaergaard in Aarhus, Denmark, IdHAIR has grown quickly and become recognised as a trustworthy, dynamic and forward-thinking company.

IdHAIR’s mission is to become the best partner for hairdressers around the world and they do that by living up to their motto: innovation, commitment, cooperation and education. Now, the IdHAIR range includes a team of IdHAIR Educators and training courses, as well as several high performing product ranges. This includes the styling range, IdHAIR ME; the IdHAIR Colour Bomb range, a new generation of colour conditioners that intensify and keep hair colour vibrant, whilst nourishing the hair at the same time; as well as the IdHAIR Niophlex range, a versatile hair strengthening system range for treatment and chemical use. IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Care and Styling ranges, which feature a Nordic design with focus on recycled plastic, where they have added innovative products of very high quality to pamper the hair. All Elements Xclusive products are also sulphate free, paraben free and contain non allergen perfume and some are also vegan and gluten free.

What sets IdHAIR apart from other hair products in the industry is their commitment to sustainability and quality. By using the very best ingredients, many of the products paraben-free, perfume-free, provide thermal and UV  and are certified ‘Green Salon’. The IdHAIR ingredients list is also diverse and comprehensive and as well as including key ingredients like Panthenol, Amino Acids and Lacititol and Xylitol, the products also include a wide range of natural ingredients including Wheat, Nordic Cotton, African Pepper, Macadamia Seed Oil, Argan Seed Oil and Watermelon Seed Oil to name a few. Like it!

Linda Quebec
Linda Quebec

IdHAIR now aim to conquer the UK and there’s no stopping this incredible professional hair care brand…

We’re delighted that IdHAIR ‘s global creative director, Linda Quebec will be joining us at Colour World UK 2019.

After 25 years in the industry, Linda still believes that passion is the key to development in the hairdressing industry and each day she strives to be better. This philosophy has allowed her to progress into different roles within the industry, being a salon owner, technician and now Global Creative Director at IdHAIR. This role means Linda is constantly travelling the world, experiencing new cultures, and is constantly inspired by meeting hairdressers from all over. As part of the development team at IdHAIR, her goals is to ensure that IdHAIR are always developing innovative, exciting and not least, useful hair products.

We asked Linda a few extra questions to get to know a little more about her…

What drew you to hair styling?
Creative results all day long and happy people were the first things that drew me into hair styling when I started as a young stylist. When I became a full time educator working with an international team it became a passion for me to make the life of a stylist more fun. The foundation of IdHAIR is education and my first rule when it comes to educating is to make it fun and to increase the stylist’s creativity and enable them to bring their looks to life.

What is your favorite technique to use?
Right now one of my favourite techniques for styling is combining different textures into one look, straight to curly, shiny to matte looks. With colouring, my favourite techniques at the minute are air touching techniques and customised balayage.

What is the one product/tool that you cant live without?
This is super difficult to answer, as I love each and every one of IdHAIR’s products. However, if I could only pick one it would have to be my favourite blow-drying product, the IdHAIR Elements Xclusive Styling Blow 911 Rescue Spray. This is a fantastic all-round spray, which has a high content of Argan Oil that provides strength and add moisture to the hair and also combats frizz. It nourishes and protects the hair during styling and also intensified hair colour, adds shine and gives the hair long-lasting colour.



At Colour World UK we believe in colourists being equally important as hairdressers to the success of a salon business! Clients, therefore deserve excellent colour services, embracing the importance of a great colour consultation through to end result.  Most of all we salute manufacturers and brands offering a great product innovation which enable colour technicians to explore their creativity and offer a bespoke colour to every client. We offer colour conversation and inspiration for you to browse, and respect colour-focused education and events from what’s on and where, to our own Colour World UK event 2019 which support our industry and promise to do our best to bring you news and information to help you succeed.

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